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Scientific Lab – Defensible Reporting – Supplier Integration – Trade Integration – Cost Control – Data Management

Why ICC?

Like Kind and Quality Validation

  • Peace of mind that an insured is being indemnified for a flooring value that is of equal value to what they had before the loss


  • Monthly suite of reports are available to insurers that provide accurate details of program activity and benefits

Supplier Integration

  • ICC has partnered with the very best flooring industry suppliers to further enhance overall program savings by decreasing cost on material purchases

Trade Integration

  • By utilizing ICC network partner flooring retailers, insurers are able to have the confidence that the pricing and workmanship they are receiving are the very best in the industry
  • Restoration Contractor mobile integration and education are designed to assist with efficiencies and to reduce overall cycle time

Cost Control

  • Additional to lab reports and network partners, ICC does:
    • Manage labour rates nationally
    • Manage material costs and markups nationally
    • Have a review desk to ensure that quotes and invoices are accurate to industry standard pricing
    • Have an Integrated Payment System that allows for further savings to the insurer
    • Mobile App options to help reduce cycle time

Data Management

  • A user portal allows for real-time data access and reporting
  • Historical data mining by summary to detail is available to assist with claims management

Insurers – Flooring Retailers – Contractors

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