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When you have completed the form, please click "Register Validation Request #". The system will automatically assign you a Validation Request Number. This will also notify ICC to expect your sample.Further, you can use this number to "track" a sample request should you need to call ICC prior to receiving a completed Validation Report.

The Validation Request Form # can then be printed by you and forwarded with the sample(s). Please save a copy for your records.

Finally, the Insurer name, claim number and adjuster name (staff or independent) etc. are required for ICC to complete your Validation Request. While you may still be able to submit the request, it will be held until all of the required information is provided.

If this information is available after you have submitted the Validation Request Form, please email us the missing information, citing the Validation Request Number.

Should you have any questions, please call (705 435-7588) or email (info@icc.ca) us
Important! Please note: ICC does not complete asbestos testing. Please do not send flooring samples to ICC if they contain asbestos, or if you suspect they may contain asbestos. If any package is received by ICC marked “may contain asbestos” we will not open the package and may return to sender.